MARPOL Annex I – Oil Pollution Prevention

Course Outline

The aim of this program is to provide some knowledge and insight into Annex 1 – Oil Pollution Prevention of the MARPOL convention.

Price: US$110

Target GroupMarpol Engineers

Duration – 1 Day


Chapter 1 – General

Chapter 2 – Survey and Certification

Chapter 3 – Requirements for machinery spaces of all ships

Chapter 4 – Requirements for the cargo area of oil tankers

Chapter 5 – Prevention of pollution arising from an oil pollution incident

Chapter 6 – Reception facilities

Chapter 7 – Special requirements for fixed or floating platforms

Chapter 8 – Prevention of pollution during transfer of oil cargo between oil tankers at sea

Chapter 9 – Special requirements for the use or carriage of oils in the Antarctic area

Chapter 10 – Verification of compliance with the provisions of this convention

Chapter 11 – International code for ships operating in polar waters

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