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Hydrogen Sulphide (H2S) Awareness Training

Course Outline

The H2S training program is designed for workers operating in environments that have potential for the deadly H2S gas, and provides information, procedures & case studies to ensure that employees take this hazard seriously, follow procedures & understand how to identify, reduce, or eliminate the risks involved in H2S exposure.

Price: US$80

Target Group – Mining and Oil & Gas Personnel 

Duration – Half Day or at own pace

Module 1 Introduction

Module 2 Background

Module 3 Characteristics of Hydrogen Sulphide – H2S

Module 4 Symptoms of Exposure

Module 5 Permissible Exposure Limit

Module 6 Threshold Limit Value

Module 7 Short Term Exposure Limit

Module 8 Engineering Controls

Module 9 Respiratory Protection

Module 10 Importance of using Correct Chemical Cartridges

Module 11 SCBA Air Supply Levels

Module 12 Confined Space Entry

Module 13 Warning Devices & Monitoring Systems

Module 14 Safe Evacuation Procedures

Module 15 Other Safety Tips for Working in H2S Prone Areas

Module 16 Treatment for H2S Exposure

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