Crew Resource Management (CRM) for RPL (Drone & UAV) Pilots

Course Outline

CRM is the study of human error in air disasters.

The GNC RPL CRM course is designed for Drone Pilots, the specific challenges they face & the typical errors that may occur in RPAS Operations.

The aim of this program is to:
• Broaden the knowledge of CRM (Human Factors) in the field of Remote Aircraft Piloting.
• Knowledge of our human machine is very important and will enable RAP’s (Remote Aircraft Pilots) to perform the multi-functional tasks required in the operation of unmanned aircraft.

Price: US$90

Target GroupRemote Pilot License Holders

Duration4 Hours


Module 1Personality and Behaviour 

Module 2 Communication 

Module 3 Human Performance Limitation 

Module 4 Decision Making & Risk Assessment 

Module 5Situational Awareness 

Module 6Culture, Leadership & Teamwork 

Module 7Threat & Error Management 

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